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Manie Grove has been a professional photographer since 1979.

He has traveled the globe on assignments for some of the world’s most successful companies.

Unusually for an advertising & commercial photographer, Manie calls himself ‘multi-disciplined’.  

Having started his photographic career in magazine publication,  he is comfortable actively shooting across a range of genres.

Manie’s ethos is that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and that the visual philosophies for creating effective images are universal.


Here is a brief insight to Manie, the person...

With the help of his peers he became engrossed in the subject of photography and spent every spare minute studying and practicing the craft. Learning everything he could about film, optics, darkrooms, techniques and lighting, Manie  began to create images that became recognised for their impact, attention to detail and professionalism.

His portfolio soon caught the eye of art directors, advertising agencies and leading retail outlets, growing his business from strength to strength.

Shooting with film in a variety of camera formats including the painstakingly slow 8 x10 inch cameras, Manie paid close attention to the arrival of digital photography,embracing the progression from analogue to digital photography.

He made it a priority to establish his skills in the “digital darkroom”  and has become very skilled in high-end retouching.

Recognised in the industry, Manie began lecturing on photography and teaching other photographers lighting and photographic techniques at the behest AGFA, one of the world's major photographic film manufacturers. To date, he has lectured at major Technicons and Universities in South Africa, conducted workshops to his peers,as well as more informal talks to Camera / Photographic Clubs.

Always willing to share information, in addition to creating images, Manie hosts a popular radio talk show on photography every Monday evening at 8.00 pm CAT, on Mix93.8 fm. Listeners around the world audio stream his show via

His studio is equipped with state- of -the art Swiss made BRONCOLOR strobes and light shapers, LASTOLITE reflectors, scrims and panels, FOBA COMBITUBE systems and high end APPLE and NIKON computers and camera's.

When not behind a camera, Manie enjoys music, playing the guitar (badly,with lot's of enthusiasm, according to him!), riding his motorcycle and cooking.